40-Day Journey into Meditation

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In Sanskrit, sadhana means spiritual practice or “a means of accomplishing something”. It is about having a focused effort.  Cultivating a regular sadhana can be powerful.

It relates to the Sanskrit word abhyasa which translates to, ‘persistent, consistent effort, practiced over a long period of time’. It is about doing the work towards mastery. Practice requires discipline, a passion, and commitment. It is only then that change can occur.

A habit is a subconscious chain reaction between the mind, the glandular system, and the nervous system. But it can be changed, re-wired, through practice. The longer you do the new practice, the more integrated it is into your psyche.

If “your habits define you.” what is defining you right now?

What is it that you want to change?

Over the course of the last four years working with people with meditation, I have found some key trends to “falling off the meditation wagon”. The practice isn’t consistent. The go-to excuse is time constraints. But often I have noticed it is relevance. Our needs change over time but we don’t change our meditation practice to support it. Is the practice as relevant to you today as it was then? How can you alter your practice as you master certain aspects?

There is a mountain of research showing the health benefits of meditation. It affects all levels of our body, mind and spirit. It works on our cellular level and all the major systems of our body. With meditation, miracles can happen.

Meditation can:

  • Increase focus and attention
  • Increase empathy and compassion
  • Increase creativity and productivity
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, pain and depression
  • Emotional balance
  • Allow us to connect to our inner wisdom

Meditation is a tool that we can use to affect real change. And with practice, it can do just that. Whether you are brand new to meditation, a lifetime dabbler, or a practitioner, I have created a program that can directly support you and your needs today.

Let’s find YOUR sadhana Meditation Program includes:

  • An intake is done (in person or via Skype) to meet and discuss your goals and current issues. I use numerology and other information and together with the information gathered on the call, I create a customized plan for you. You decide on start date.
  • A customized meditation to address a current issue (or goal) that you are working on is selected. This will include instruction, any audio or video to support the practice, some pointers to prepare, and all that you need to actually do the meditation.
  • A 40-day daily check-in/reminder and questions regarding the meditation via email. This keeps you accountable to do the meditation. I email you, you email me back every day over the 40-days. This also allows you to keep a journal of sorts of your journey. A chance to ask questions, get feedback and support, and to have someone with you on this journey.
  • Access to a Meditation Group on Facebook to share your thoughts, journey, and talk with others.
  • You will have a record of your journey, the Meditation Basics e-book, the meditation and information provided.

With this meditation program:

  • What meditation will work to affect change and address the issue?
  • How to do the meditation.
  • Support along the way to help you keep going
  • Accountability to check in with holds us accountable for making change happen
  • Clear Plan and Vision to make it happen.

40 days ensures that change can happen. It is the time it takes to change a habit.

Some examples:

  • Wanting to start meditation: a simple but progressive meditation plan is created that allows meditation practice to be cultivated.
  • Reducing Fear of the Future: I am working on a 40-day meditation right now that aims to
  • Reduce/Remove Fear of the Future. It is a simple meditation with a mudra and you listen to music.Wanting to cultivate intuition: A guided meditation is created and sent via
  • Wanting to cultivate intuition: A guided meditation is created and sent via audio file. The meditation connects you to your higher wisdom and knowledge and allows you to tap into your heart’s wisdom.


Price: $50 

Register today! Please purchase mindfully. After you register, I do start to work on your program so there are no refunds.