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Why Meditate?

There have been numerous scientific studies showing the benefits of a regular meditation practice. One study showed that if you meditated for 20 min per day for 6-8 weeks you would see marked changes including:

  • Decrease
    in anxiety and stress,
    vulnerability from pain, and
    in the tendency toward depression and anger.


  • Strengthening
    the power of attention,
    boosting the immune system, and
    one’s general well-being.


Health Crisis

Are you in a health crisis? Are you stressed out, burned out, or feeling crappy? Many people are today.

In conjunction with any medical interventions, a meditation practice can help.


Meditation is an opportunity to get quiet, to go within, and to find the still-point in our soul’s core.

At least it is for me. It is the time when I feel and hear my Truth. It is not absent of my mind’s chatter. It is just closer so that I can understand my truth, or a little louder that I can hear it, or stronger that I can feel it.

I think far too often people new to meditation think they have to stop the thoughts. The goal is not to stop them, they won’t stop in fact. The goal is to get to the still-point so that you may hear your Voice over the mind’s chatter. Over time, the thoughts become less bothersome, less noisy, and you will even have longer pauses between the thoughts.

How do you meditate?

There is no “right” way to do it. Find what works for you.

For me, it is a matter of sitting (usually) with my eyes closed and breathing. I focus on my breath. I purposefully relax my body from head to toe. I tend to add mantra to mine as I follow a Kundalini practice.

If you want to lie down be mindful that if you are tired you may fall asleep. An alternative to sitting is walking. There are some beautiful walking meditations.

Meditation as a daily practice

Meditation is one of the fundamentals – foundational to support a healthy and full life. A daily practice (whether 10 min or more) can create (and support) major change in one’s life.

I host a free Meditation Club on Facebook to share ideas, research and meditations. To help cultivate your own practice, learn about my 40-day Journey into Meditation program.