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Body Psychotherapy

We often talk about the mind-body connection, but the reality is our mind and our body is one. It is a continuum of communication and interaction throughout our systems. We just happen to spend more time listening to our mind, or more accurately the voice in our head, than the wisdom of our body.

We get aches and pains, yet we don’t consider it as a means for our somatic/body intelligence to communicate with our “us”, our minds. But it is. There is wisdom, past experiences, emotions, and more stored in our bodies. This does not treat the aches and pains, but takes notice of it and explores it as language, a form of speech.

Body psychotherapy is a branch of therapy that supports the connection between the mind and the body. We experience the world not only through our minds (and emotions) but through our bodies.

Our bodies are like a hologram – within each part is a map of the whole. Often traumatic experiences (and memories) store energy in our bodies. Through movement and talk, stored energy can be released. Mindfulness techniques are incorporated and used to extend past the session to allow for further self-inquiry.

Movement is done in an easy and safe manner and can provide an opportunity to go deeper into stored experience for release. Limits as to not retraumatize the client are ensured. For many, body psychotherapy can be a rich experience that lasts long after the session is over.