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What is my approach?

As someone who practices psychotherapy in Toronto, my approach draws upon several styles and schools of practice depending on the client and situation. I also incorporate, as appropriate, an integrated mind, body, and spirit aspect to therapy. We live in this world and as such we need to cultivate tools to help us cope and thrive.

As an energy worker, yoga teacher, and mindfulness/meditation teacher, I incorporate all these elements into my therapy practice as necessary and useful to my clients.

Our bodies store our experiences. They store our grief, our anger, our hurts and our betrayals. When we have unresolved grief and emotions stored in our bodies, it tends to come out in other ways (aches, pains, addictions, and other issues).  I incorporate bodywork into my sessions as a means of moving that emotional energy. (Note: all body work is clothes on)

My Focus Areas

A focus for me in my practice, work-life, and research is on life transitions, grief and loss, and the issues that result from unprocessed grief and trauma (e.g. addictions). Grief can be from loss related to death, job loss, relationship changes (e.g. separation or divorce), or due to health-related loss. We suffer grief at many stages of our life, the loss of who we used to be, part of our identity.

Our losses, when not given room to grieve, can be stored within us, within our very cells. We may think if we give space to these emotions it will overwhelm us. Perhaps we don’t connect the dots until later how one loss affects another. Perhaps our grief comes out in unexpected ways; stored up and only released when it is triggered by another incident. This unresolved grief can manifest in many unwanted ways like addictions, anxiety, and isolation.

Much of my work is with the Sacred Feminine and connecting to our natural, most authentic Self. As a birth doula, one area where I work is with women suffering from loss and stress related to conception and fertility. And in my post-partum care dealing with birth trauma.