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I have often referred to grief as one wild F*&^ing ride. It ebbs and flows. Tidal wave to gentle splashing. All too often we are unprepared for the avalanche of emotions that hits us. Our emotional vocabulary limited as many of us grow up in homes and a culture that doesn’t allow for the full expression of emotions.

Loss comes in many forms

Whether we are grieving the loss of a loved one, a beloved pet, the loss of a job/career, a change in life stage (like empty nest), or the loss of a relationship, it can be difficult and even debilitating. It can also be an opportunity for transformation and healing.

We all suffer many losses over our lifetime. Some are small and seemingly insignificant. While others are more monumental and life altering.

The Impact of Loss

Divorce has had a huge impact on relationships in our society. As adults, we enter new relationships not fully having grieved and healed from past relationships, which can cause additional issues in our next relationship.

We witness marriages of twenty years dissolving, the loss of identity, connection, companionship and more. The loss of who you were with the other person, often the joint friendships, schedules, and community.

There is freedom in new beginnings to take on new roles, labels, identities. To try new activities, jobs, and learnings. But true freedom is gained when having learned from our past, healed those wounds and moving forward whole.

Our Approach to Loss

In our society, we are often taught to “buck up”, shed a few tears and then get on with things. This isn’t the healthiest approach. And regardless of what you may have heard there is no “right” way or “prescribed” way to grieve. If you are feeling it, living it, knowing it, it is normal.

Therapy provides a safe, open space to feel the feelings, explore the depth of emotions, and examine ways to heal and grow. It is like taking someone along on that wild ride.



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