Death Doula

Doula means “servant” often a word associated with birth, but quickly it is becoming associated more often with death. Thana (Death) Doula provide support, both emotional, physical, and psychologically. We educate on what is happening, options, and available resources.

We are there to listen, to support, to care. We do not offer advice or convince you of the right way. We honour that everyone knows what is best for themselves. It is about informed consent. Having an advocate on your side that is familiar with policy and the law. An unbiased and compassionate soul to walk alongside you and your family on this journey.

Transitions, both into and out of this world, are challenging. Over the past hundred years we have medicalized both aspects to the extent we don’t recognize either birth or death anymore. We certainly aren’t prepared for it and we have limited experience in supporting others as they go through it.

We help coordinate access to services required, answering questions that you may have, support telling other family members, as well as legacy planning, and connecting to many resources in your community. We are supportive on an emotional and spiritual level during this time to both the client and the family. Ongoing grief support is important for all close family and friends.

Packages are created to make it easier to access services on an ongoing basis. You can pay by the hour or day rate or buy a package which is more cost-effective.


Dying Well Collective (non-profit organization consisting of EOLC practitioners)