Perinatal Bereavement

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Silent, unprocessed grief from previous pregnancy loss can deeply impact the trajectory of a mother’s future pregnancy and childbirth experiences.
~ Amy Wright Glenn

Losing a child is one of the worst things that can run through your mind as a parent. And yet an estimated 25% of pregnancies do not go full term. Tragically, we do not all die from “old age”. Abortion, miscarriage, stillbirths, and infant deaths are experienced by women and families every day. The accumulated and unprocessed grief from these pregnancy losses can affect a woman’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Who do you turn to for support when you are faced with challenging options during a pregnancy? Who do you talk to when others think you should be over it? How do you share the pregnancy loss with those that didn’t know you were pregnant? How do you deal with unexpected and expected pregnancy loss?

How do you integrate the soul of this baby/child into your heart and family? How to you keep the memory of them alive? How do you honour their life and keep them a part of your family legacy?

My work as a doula is focused on fertility and perinatal bereavement now. As a therapist, grief counsellor, and birth doula, I support women (and their family) as they move through the grief process.

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