Fertility Doula

All it takes is one bloom of hope to make a spiritual garden.”
Tern Guillemets

Fertility is a journey into our creative potential as women. We have an endless supply of creativity when we learn to tap into its source, but how we chose to use that creativity will be different for everyone.

Every woman’s journey does not end with pregnancy. We are not all going to mother a child. Some may mother a child that they did not bring into the world. Some may choose to create a project, birth an organization or business, while others may choose to care for animals or other people’s children, some may become loving step-mothers or adopt children. We all have different journeys, what will yours be?

The Sacred Fertility journey is about re-connecting to YOU, your body, your heart. It is about connecting to that deep part of your womanhood inside you that lives on even after years of neglect. As we learn to connect to it, we can hear its wisdom, and honour it once again. As we do so, anything is possible.

If you are trying to conceive (TTC), this is a journey into self-care which is essential. For some TTC is effortless but for more and more women (of all ages) it is more challenging and takes longer than expected. And over that time is disappointment and loss. It’s important to learn how to navigate this journey with care, compassion, and respect.

  • Do you love and respect yourself?
  • Do you manage your stress?
  • Do you take care of your mind? your body? your spirit?

All these things have a role to play in your fertility journey (whatever you decide to birth).

“In order to heal any aspect of body or soul, we have to begin with finding out what the ‘dis-ease’ is. We have to find out where the disharmony is coming from. What is the root cause underneath the symptoms? Once we have established the cause of the distress, we can begin to remedy the situation.” Nao Simms & Nikiah Seeds, Moon Mysteries

Fertility Doula

My role as a Fertility Doula is to guide you on the journey. What you can do to support your mind, your body, your spirit. What you can do to support your efforts, connect to your partner/support group, and manage your stress. How to grieve your losses and provide a safe container for your emotional response to all that is happening.

Because everyone’s journey is different there is no set agenda for the work, but it does include:

  1. The physical body – ways to support yourself with food, herbs, supplements, sleep and more. Understanding your body and hormones and all that is happening.
  2. The emotional body – connecting to your emotions and giving space for them, helping to communicate your needs to your partner/support group, and more.
  3. The spiritual body – what are your expectations and visions for your life? What does your Soul yearn for?
  4. The mental body – how can your mind support you and how can it harm you?
  5. Community – who is around you to support you? Your partner, support network, family and friends.
  6. Sensuality – connecting to our sacral chakra through sacred space, movement, and communication.


Fertility Doula package is a multi-week program (suggested 12 weeks) customized to meet your current needs. Whether you have been TTC, dealing with the stress of an illness affecting your fertility, or repeated miscarriages and losses.  Perhaps you are working on birthing a new project, passion or creative idea.

The package includes:

  • A consultation and assessment to understand your current situation and goals. This is a 90-minute session where we dive deep into the situation.
  • 6 1-hour sessions where we cover each topic. This can be done every two weeks.
  • During the down week, homework and activities are given to support the work. Email support is provided.
  • 3 (60  min) Therapeutic Energy Sessions (one per cycle during the 12 weeks)
  • The 40-Day Accountability project to support a goal with daily email check-ins.
  • Closing Session to discuss goals, results, and next steps.

Package Rate: $555  

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