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Sacred Fertility

Being a mother is a wonderfully, miraculous time in a woman’s life. It can shape us in unimaginable ways. As a doula, I have been privileged to witness life and death in many forms. As a mother, I understand the pain and pleasure of it.

The Fertility journey is both amazing and challenging. We live in a time where many are challenged to get pregnant. Fertility issues put immense stress on a woman’s body, soul and mind, not to mention her relationships with others. And there are few spaces where we are free to express ourselves, be witnessed, and be understood.

Many women who are having fertility issues also experience death of opportunity, of babies, of relationships, and of dreams. Seeing your menstruation cycle each month when you are trying to conceive is experiencing a death repeated month after month. The stress and grief we hold creates a cycle of issues in our bodies.

Knowing the why it is happening doesn’t always help us accept and cope with the here and now. Pregnancy, fertility, and loss are major life issues facing so many women today. My goal is to give a space to process, to be witnessed, and to heal.

Connecting with our bodies, forgiving ourselves, grieving, and slowly finding ways to care for ourselves to support creativity, sensuality, and life. Doing so, helps us re-connect with our partners, find the joy in our lives, and reduces our overall stress.

I am a therapist with additional training in Sacred Fertility, birth doula, and childbirth education to support you on your conception journey. I create a space where women can share openly, learn tools to support their journey, grieve, and slowly heal.


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