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Grief has a voice.  It needs to be heard. To be validated. A grief circle is a space for this to happen. 

In the witnessing of grief, we can heal. We can access and experience a full range of emotions. We can remember. We can love.

We all need a safe space to talk it out, to explain, to explore, to rage, to cry. A place where we don’t have to worry about upsetting someone else. A place where we don’t have to put on a happy front. A place where we can break down and build ourselves back up again.

When we ache from the loss of a loved one, we need to grieve, to give space to the grief.

What is a sacred grief circle?

A sacred grief circle is my approach to grief and bereavement support. A small group of people gather with a therapist on a weekly basis for a specific duration. The group gels over the time, they support each other, they speak about their experience giving a voice to their grief.

Using a variety of techniques to support the group through ritual, talk therapy, and experiential work, grief is explored, shared and validated over the time together. Each person is given space during the 12-week session to participate directly and indirectly (supporting others) as part of their healing journey.

Who can participate?

A sacred grief circles are either specific to a topic or open forum. It is only open for adults (18 years old). I currently do not host grief circles for children but can connect you to some great resources and people that do!

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