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The Fundamentals

I have followed the work of Brian Johnson for a decade now. And he uses the concept of the fundies or fundamentals, which I too belong strongly in. In fact, I had created a coaching program years ago called the FUNdamentals.

1. Eat Well
2. Sleep Well
3. Move It!
4. Focus
5. Enjoyment

The first four are Brian’s fundies, I added enjoyment as I believe joy is a fundamental part of living a good life. And a close #6 would be creativity. Having a creative outlet (in whatever forms that takes) is a healthy outlet (and stress management) in our lives.

Look at the last week (month) of your life. How would you rate each of these factors on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being excellent and 1 being miserable? What is your score out of 25?

How well are these fundamentals entrenched in your daily life? 

New Year’s Resolutions

Working at a busy yoga studio for three Januarys now, I notice the influx of new members during the first 2-3 weeks of the month. Classes filled to the brim. We all know, of course, that things will settle down again and get back to “normal”.

Why are habits so hard to break or build anew?

Consider the fundamental that you could use some work in your own life right now. What would it take for you to get fired up to make a change? If we consider that Awareness  + Acceptance + Action = Change, then are you aware of the issue? Probably now because we just did the rating. Are you willing to accept that it needs to be changed and it will affect other parts of your life? If no, then change won’t result. If yes, then what action(s) need to happen?

There are three phases in building a new habit…

1. The FUN phase. We are energized and excited about this change. Something had us fired up and we are ready to go. This new “thing” is great because it’s new and exciting. This is a great time to prepare for the long haul. Write out why you are doing this. How do you want to feel? Who around you can you talk to for support and ongoing encouragement (who will be your cheerleader)? Setting a strong INTENTION is important and will help you throughout the change process.

2. The CHALLENGE phase. Crap this new “thing” is getting tough. Ugh! I’d rather sleep in for 10 more minutes. I don’t feel like going to the gym. I’m tired of giving up on my lunch break for meditation. This is the hard part. And when most people give up and go back to their old ways. It is the time to call in the reserves, the willpower muscle but also those people and things you have created to support you.

3. The FLOW phase. IF you work your way through the challenges, you will find yourself on the other side of it stronger than ever. This is when your habit starts to get a little easier. The new routine starts to feel more comfortable. You start to see more of the benefits of your choices. And, at some point, you have put more time into this new “thing” than you are willing to give up on; that critical point of no return.

Knowing this, the hardest part of creating and sustaining a new habit…

1. Getting STARTED, and

2. Working through the CHALLENGES.

How well can you prepare yourself mentally and physically for the change you are embarking on?

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