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Workshops and Speaking Engagements

I remember speaking at my first conference back in 1996. I was so nervous. And so fired up and passionate talking about women entrepreneurs. As a young single mother completing my undergraduate degree, I had created my first business. I believed that equality would be found with women rising up and taking ownership and power through entrepreneurship.

A lot has happened in my life and career over the next twenty years. I am a trained group facilitator and have facilitated hundreds of workshops, spoke at several other conferences, and have hosted talks with small and large groups of people. Currently, I co-facilitate monthly Death Cafes in Toronto (Dying Well Collective).

What I have learned is that I love to create space to reflect, share, and consider how we feel about a topic. My curiousity is insatiable and my desire to learn and grow keeps me constantly asking questions, probing the status quo, and considering new perspectives. Perspective is malleable and shapes our emotional response and choices. It is how we innovate and create inclusive spaces for exploration.

It’s important to create space for dialogue – Giving Space to Heal is the foundation for my work. My talks and workshops tend to be informative and interactive as a result.

Topics for Speaking or Workshops:

  • How can organizations create spaces for healing?
  • Grieving in the workplace
  • Mindfulness in Today’s World
  • Mindfulness and Grief
  • What is Dying Well?
  • The Sacred Feminine and Honouring the Cycle of Life
  • The Feminine Way to Birth and Death
  • Contact for more information including rates, availability and other ideas based on your group’s needs.